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2019 - A Year of Resilience

Practitioners on the journey of development usually acquire the habit of reflection; and I am proud to be no different. 2018 provided me the opportunities - hence "starting with why?" to reflect on if I was becoming the type of person who honors her values and if I truly knew what my values were. If I had the courage to make decisions out of love and compassion, most importantly to my self, but not out of fear. I found myself navigating on the axis of self-awareness, selflessness and self-denial and landing on compassionate yet honest self acceptance. This, helped me own and build my resilience further. It not only helped me re-think of my life priorities but inevitably influenced my practice. I am looking forward to 2019 as a platform where I can practice and inspire on resilience - not stubbornness, stiffness, withdrawal, self-denial, self-blindness but resilience arising from what I would like to refer as "compassionate yet disruptive self-acceptance" and "conscious flexibility". hashtag#resilience hashtag#leadership hashtag#empathy hashtag#coaching hashtag#inspiration

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